Intelligent WiFi.
Intelligent retail.

Connexin provides a fully managed wireless network for owners and managers of Shopping Centres around the UK. Rather than just providing “x” number of access points, we build a telecoms backbone which allows you to generate income from providing your own services to your tenants.

The Technology

The Connexin WiFi Access Points feature the latest in Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO technology and are designed for indoor and outdoor deployment. They offer true scalability, allowing you to add to your wireless network without making any complicated and expensive changes The technology can also handle multiple wireless networks allowing you to create separate rules for staff and customers.

Free Roaming

With the Free Roaming feature, users can roam anywhere and seamlessly maintain their WiFi connection as they walk through different access points. The feature makes a multiple device wireless network appear and behave as a single large wireless network by working in unison, making connecting to and using your network easy.

Cloud Based

Unlike traditional enterprise WiFi systems that utilise a hardware controller, our hotspots come bundled with a controller in the cloud allowing you to access and manage your hotspots from anywhere in the world.

Princes Quay Shopping Centre

“The high speed Internet connection enables us to transfer large files quickly and reliably, in turn this improves the service we provide for our tenants and shoppers via our unified public hotspots.”

Claire Suggitt, Centre Manager


Intelligent WiFi

Powerful Analytics

With our online portal, you can access a wealth of information collated from the Connexin WiFi system. Our analytics platform provides real-time customer data and insight. Secure and available at any time, a vast array of tools will help you analyse and segment your audience.

The deep level of analytics provided enable you to deploy your marketing messages to the right people, at the right time.

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Intelligent WiFi

Social WiFi

Everyone who logs onto your Connexin WiFi network will be asked to ‘Like’ you on Facebook or ‘Follow’ you on Twitter and LinkedIn, in return for access. Social WiFi gives you immediate social media engagement to a wider network of friends and followers.

You will appear on many different social feeds, which can provide the ideal opportunity to increase your social presence and inform existing and prospective new customers about related promotions, offers and events. You’ll get others talking about you and your business faster and much more effectively.

Intelligent WiFi

Content Filtering

Public WiFi comes with the risk that consumers can potentially access content that is not family friendly. Connexin WiFi is a proud member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and our services includes a convenient content flltering system which blocks IWF blacklisted URLs.

We retain around 10% of traffic at content filtered venues, which shows it’s a service that is definitely required and can provide great peace of mind. We update the blacklist URLs constantly, ensuring that family friendly WiFi access is available at all times. Please note, content filtering is only available with the Premium Package.

Intelligent WiFi


Our wireless network infrastructure is designed to support other value added services such as VOIP and CCTV.
Invest in the infrastructure once and future proof your network.