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    Goodwin Development Trust

August 1, 2017

Goodwin Development Trust

Goodwin Development Trust

Company Name: Goodwin Development Trust
Type of Business: Social Enterprise
No of Employees: 200+
Solution Required: Migration of existing ISDN to hosted telephony

The Goodwin Development Trust was established in 1994, beginning with 14 people in the heart of Hull, to tackle the social issues that the community faced. Over the next two decades, they have grown from a small band to a Social Enterprise now comprised of 200+ local employees and 140 volunteers.

The strong workforce is dedicated to improving the Quality of Life within the city’s communities by identifying and addressing the needs of local people and by working in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations.

Their facilities include, children’s centres and nurseries, conference centre, community college, disability care facilities, sports pitches, youth and arts centre, performance space and meeting rooms and they also have future plans to redevelop abandoned housing.

The Challenge

To create a financially viable telecoms solution for the multiple sites that Goodwin Development Trust owns across the city.

With a very expensive outdated system, the management of the Goodwin Development Trust was struggling to find cost effective solutions for their multiple sites across the city. During a meeting with Connexin, the staff at the Goodwin development Trust discussed their requirements and worked with Connexin to get an understanding of what technology was available. The staff and management made it clear what they wanted from their new system and the problems that they faced previously.

The Solution

Connexin understood the requirements and delivered:

• A scalable hosted telephony system that handles all of Goodwin’s current and future requirements
• A pay per second billing policy, saving money, by charging for the exact amount used
• Plug and play hosted handsets, allowing for easy installation, management, upgrade and expansion
• Hosted telephony features such as IVR, Voicemail to Email, Call Recording and many more


Staff are now able to work from home or on the move and still be part of the Goodwin Hosted phone system. By working from home, it promotes a greener solution among employees as they no longer have the need to travel to work. As it is a hosted system, it allows the IT manager to configure the phone system as and when needed to give greater flexibility and control.

“Connexin were chosen to provide Goodwin Development Trust with a new, multi-site, flexible, VoIP telephone system to simplify communication within the organisation. From planning through to deployment, Connexin staff have worked in partnership with the Trust to ensure that all needs were met and the transfer to Connexin systems progressed as smoothly as possible. 

Over 100 handsets have been installed allowing for seamless communication across sites spread throughout Hull, reducing the number of different systems requiring maintenance as well as allowing a more flexible approach to the handsets deployed in specific areas. Connexin have provided a robust, cost-effective VoIP solution that meets all of the Trust’s needs as well as providing a few additional features that were not expected at this time – while still reducing costs and increasing functionality.”

Russell Greenwood – Head of IT

Connexin designed, built and implemented state-of-the-art solution at fraction of the cost from traditional providers, all within the strict time frame as requested by the home. If you feel that your business would benefit from a similar solution, please get in touch with us now.