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    Hull Collegiate School

August 1, 2017

Hull Collegiate School

Hull Collegiate School

Company Name: Hull Collegiate School
Type of Business: Academic Institution
No of Employees: 58
Solution Required: Internal networking, unified WiFi and migration of existing ISDN to Hosted Telephony

Hull Collegiate School is one of the leading independent schools in East Yorkshire, where pupils flourish, develop as individuals and acquire the skills necessary to prepare themselves for life in the 21st century.

Hull Collegiate School prides themselves on being an exceptional community where people matter, results count and a passion for learning drives everything we do. Inspirational staff is dedicated to delivering a rich curriculum and programme of activities, which challenge children to explore ideas for themselves and stretch their minds. Whether through engaging with learning in the classroom, or participating in musical, artistic, sporting, enterprise or charitable activities, pupils are constantly encouraged to connect with the wider world and embrace new experiences, in order to build their confidence.

The approach to education means that Hull Collegiate pupils achieve the very best examination results and are also compassionate, well-rounded, grounded individuals with strong values, who are eager to make a positive difference in a rapidly changing world.

The Challenge

To create a super fast WiFi environment, internal network and the migration of existing ISDN telephony to Hosted telephony.

Hull Collegiate School required an entire campus wide WiFi system implemented, as they had no such technology available within the premises except for certain areas of the campus. Their internal network was also out of date which resulted in snail paced data transfer internally from one comms cabinet to another. In addition, their existing ISDN phone system was outdated and becoming too costly to maintain. A complete revamp was needed to bring the school back to the 21st century.

The Solution

Connexin went over and beyond and delivered:

• Installation and replacement of CAT5/6 and fibre cabling around the campus to strengthen the internal network foundation
• 10Gb networking switches were installed and configured to allow for super high speed data transfer between different sites
• 50+ unifed access points were installed around the campus to ensure blanket WiFi coverage
• A scalable hosted telephony system that handles all of the school current and future requirements
• A pay per second billing policy, saving money, by charging for the exact amount used
• Plug and play hosted handsets, allowing for easy installation, management, upgrade and expansion
• Hosted telephony features such as IVR, Voicemail to Email, Call Recording and many more


The school now enjoys a vast improvement in network speeds at the extremities of the network. Data travels much faster between sites which allows for higher productivity in staff and pupils. The campus wide WiFi allows staff to embrace digital teaching with smart whiteboards and tablets. It also means that teaching is now no longer confined within classrooms but anywhere on the campus while still connected to the WiFi. The upgrade to a hosted telephony system also sees a vast improvement on internal and external communications while cutting costs on expensive ISDN line rentals and annual support.

“Understandably all the excitement was around the installation of our first Connexin wireless network. From a management point of view it’s the Connexin routers and switches that have given us the biggest benefit in terms of infrastructure and cost savings moving forward.

Connexin devices have been installed in each distribution cabinet to manage the traffic on the network taking the workload off the switches. The installation of the Connexin technology has already paid for itself through the savings we’ve made in data cabling and switch upgrades. The Connexin wireless solution, the Connexin Core routers/switches and Hosted Telephony have proved to be 100% reliable in their first year and I would have no hesitation to using Connexin again in the future.”

Brad Ashton – Network Manager

Connexin designed, built and implemented state-of-the-art solution at fraction of the cost from traditional providers, all within the strict time frame as requested by the home. If you feel that your business would benefit from a similar solution, please get in touch with us now.