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    65 Cars

August 1, 2017

65 Cars

65 Cars is a leading Hull based taxi firm situated on Princes Avenue, known for its exceptional service and quirky brand throughout the region. In addition to their principal ambition, they have implemented the following:

  • Uniformed drivers
  • Text back
  • In-car chip and pin terminals
  • Support to local charities using 65 Cars Limited
  • Extremely competitive fares

Company Name: 65 Cars

Type of Business: Taxi

No. of Employees:

Services provided:

  • Install 4G routers to VIP taxis
  • Provide WiFi coverage for passengers whilst travelling with 65 Cars

The Situation:

65 Cars Limited are one of the city’s largest fleets of Private Hire vehicle operators and provide an exceptional service throughout our region based on Princes Avenue. Known for its exceptional service and quirky brand throughout the region, they understand that our customers want a safe, reliable and honest service and that is our most basic objective

As a taxi firm that constantly thinks outside the box, 65 Cars wanted to bring a unique, VIP experience to their customers and tasked Connexin to bring FREE WiFi to their taxis and around the Hull area.

The Situation:

Stage 1 – Understanding Client Needs

Discuss with the client regarding their needs

Stage 2 – Provisioning of Sim Cards

Provision sim cards to install into routers to allow access to WiFi

Stage 3 – Installation

Routers are installed and configured to meet cliental needs. They will then be able to pick up signal in taxis to allow customers’ access to WiFi.

The Result:

  • Customers are provided with a VIP experience and able to connect to WiFi on the go
  • We will be able to build a portal for 65 Cars where we are able to collate customers’ information. This will allow 65 Cars to market their campaigns, providing offers.