Intelligent WiFi
that works for you

Whether it’s for your business, a conference, a concert or a sporting event, the demand for WiFi has increased significantly and is now considered a must have. With our ubiquitous WiFi solutions, we can deliver high speed indoor or outdoor WiFi that allows everyone and everything to be connected.

Content Filtering

With our customisable filtering technology, you decide what is let in and what is left out!

Bandwidth Management

Our highly-sophisticated bandwidth control technology can govern your WiFi on a user or device level, ensuring everyone gets the Internet they want when they want it.

Branded User Experience

With a fully customised landing page and portal, you can deliver a brand experience like never before.

Analytics and Reports

The saying goes “Information is King”. With our WiFi anyone can be King! Collect data about your visitors, where they go within your venue, dwell time and much more.


Our managed WiFi is fully compliant with European Data Regulations giving you complete peace of mind.

Authentication Options

Connexin provides the most extensive list of authentication options including pay per use, free to use, social media login, MAC authentication and SIM authentication.

Smart WiFi for Cities

WiFi For Everyone.
For Everything.

We use the best in Fibre and Wireless technologies to build high capacity hybrid networks that support a range of services. Smart WiFi is one of the services that gives you the platform to digitise council services, capture data and interact with the public on a more personal level.

Check out Connexin Smart Cities.

WiFi for Outdoor Festivals

High Speed

As events become more interactive, mobile phones are increasingly being used to record and upload videos and photos to social media. Mobile phone networks aren’t designed to support a large number of people in a small area (like at a concert). That’s why at many events visitors struggle to get a data connection. Ensure your event gets noticed online and your visitors get the connectivity they want by deploying Connexin WiFi at your next event.

WiFi for Corporate Events

Lights. Cameras…

WiFi at conferences and corporate events isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s essential. We provide you and your attendees with the solutions to remain connected to the internet. What’s more we can even help you provide a customised log-in screen to keep things on-brand and communicate relevant topics to your team. With over 10 years’ experience in the wireless and telecoms industry, we are well placed to offer innovative solutions to suit your event needs. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, we can build a stable, reliable and fast WiFi network to enable crowds large and small to get online.

WiFi for Stadium Events

Ultra-capacity WiFi designed
for real time interaction.

Got an event at a stadium with thousands and thousands of visitors? Want to make sure they can interact in real time with the gig, match or event? Then reliable ultra-capacity WiFi is a must. Give us a call or drop us a line to see how we could help you connect people and things at your next event.