August 4, 2017

How to setup Auto Attendant

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The Auto Attendant feature allows callers to you company to be automatically transferred to a person or group without the intervention of an operator or receptionist. There is no limit on the number of Auto Attendants, however there is a limit of up to 3 levels.

Add Auto Attendant

Sep 1 – Once in the HPS GUI, select “Call Groups” and then “Auto Attendant”.

 Step 2 – Click “Add” to load up the set up wizard.

Step 3 – Select a site the auto attendant will be assigned to, along with giving it a name, username and assigning it to a department against the site. You also need to define what the dialling scope of this auto attendant is. The dialling scope is separated by extension dialling, name dialling and name dialling entries. You need to select an option for each of these.

Step 4 – The next option will ask you to define the Menu Options. The top half of the screen is there in order to ensure the auto attendant links to the right “Schedule” for your company. You can either select “Use the same menu all the time” or “Use different menus during and after business hours”. If you select “Use different menus during and after business hours”, you can then select from the drop down menu the right “Schedule” that best defines Business Hours and Holiday.

Step 5 – The second half of the Menu Options screen is a grid which corresponds to the buttons on a telephone keypad, and you’ve got two options; Business Hours or After Hours.

Step 6 – If you want to use one of the “Transfer” options, click the search icon next to the text box. This will load up the “Search Directory” screen so you can select an available number to transfer through to.

Step 7 – You then need to define a number for the auto attendant, an extension number for internal call routing and a display name for presentation once the call is delivered.

Step 8 – The final step is to upload an audio file to be played when the call is connected. This step can be by-passed if you’re going to record your message via a phone See our guides on how to Create and Convert an Audio File. Once you’ve selected the audio file you wish to use, click browse, locate the file, and then click either “Finish and Show List” to take you back to the main audio attendant section, or “Finish and Edit” to edit the audio attendant.