August 4, 2017

How to complete the Porting Documents?

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Note: Please ensure that we are able to port your existing number before completing the forms and making a payment. Porting fees are non-refundable even if the port fails. We have got a full list of up to date porting agreements here.

Getting Started: Please download our porting documents here.

 GNP Letter of Authority

 Porting Questionnaire

GNP Letter of Authority

To: Losing Communications Provider – Name and address of your current provider
From: Gaining Communications Provider – Name and address of your new provider. This would be us so please put down: Connexin Ltd, St Johns Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS

Customer Details

Company Name: Registered company name as stated on your account with your current provider. (If you are a home user, please simply put down your full registered customer name with your current provider)
Company’s Registered Address: Registered company address as stated on your account with your current provider. (If you are a home user, please simply put down your registered address with your current provider)
Company Registered Number: Registered company number with Companies House. (Not applicable in the case of a sole trader and home user)

Requester’s Details

Name: Your full name
Job Title: Job title of your current position in the company. (Not applicable for home user)
Contact Details: A contact phone number and other relevant contact details such as fax or email address
Site Address: Registered address as stated on your account with your current provider
Telephone Numbers to be Ported: The telephone number(s) you wish to port

Simply sign and date to complete the form. It is recommended to save a backup copy for yourself as reference.

Porting Questionnaire

Contact Details: Upto date contact details must be provided
Installation Address: Address where the number will be registered to after porting. If this remains the same then please put down your current registered address.

Service Provider Details

Current Provider: The name of your current provider (e.g. BT, Virgin)
Provider Account Number: Registered account number as stated on your account with your current provider. This will allow us to get the most up to date information from your current provider
Was your number previously ported? – Yes or No: If your number was previously ported from another provider then please select YES
Are any numbers from a different provider? – Yes or No: If you are porting more than one number to us, please select YES if they are from different providers
Different Provider: Name of the provider for your other numbers that you wish to port

Service Details

Single Socket: Yes or No: For most ordinary households, there will only be a single line/socket coming into the property. Whereas for businesses there might be more than one
Broadband Installed – Yes or No: Your broadband connection runs on the same line as your telephone number. Once your telephone number has been ported away, your broadband connection will cease
ISDN – Yes or No: ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digitial Network. Again, most ordinary households will just have a normal PSTN line. For businesses, it is recommended to check with your network engineer or your service provider if you are working from a serviced office
BT Featureline – Yes or No: A BT Featureline is a phone line with additional features such as call waiting or call diversion. If you are not sure, please contact BT
Redcare or other alarm present – Yes or No: If you have any sort of alarm system installed, please select Yes.

Number Information

Main Number: This is the main number that you are looking to port onto our system
DDI Range: These are numbers that are in a range. For example, numbers ending from 001 to 010
Associated/Additional Number: Any other associated numbers on the same line will be ceased once your main number has been ported over. It is recommended that you transfer these before attempting to port.

Please ensure the details are correct and up to date. You must sign and date both forms and return them to us by email ( If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team.