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Technology is helping teachers expand beyond linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways. We work with schools and universities to create versatile learning environments that redefine education.


We can upgrade your existing infrastructure or install a fresh network to support your campus WiFi needs. From the initial design stage through to installation and delivery, our team is on hand every step of the way.

Local Network

With experience in Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik and other networking technologies. We can build for you or upgrade your existing network, future-proofing your IT infrastructure to carry big data at supremely fast speeds, safely.

Unified WiFi

The Wireless infrastructure we build supports multiple user groups and allows seamless roaming between access points giving an unparalleled user experience especially when using real-time services such as Voice or Video.

Hull Collegiate School

“Understandably all the excitement was around the installation of our first Connexin wireless network. From a management point of view it’s the Connexin routers that have given us the biggest benefit in terms of infrastructure and cost savings moving forward. Connexin devices have been installed in each distribution cabinet to manage the traffic on the network taking the workload off the switches. The installation of the Connexin technology has already paid for itself through the savings we’ve made in data cabling and switch upgrades. Both the Connexin wireless solution and the Connexin Core routers have proved to be 100% reliable in their first year and I would have no hesitation to using Connexin hardware again in the future.”

Brad Ashton, IT Manager

Intelligent Schools

Our internal network infrastructure is designed to support other value added services such as VOIP and CCTV.
Invest in the infrastructure once and future proof your network.